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* = Cannot Break the standard pack size. Please order in multiples of standard pack size.
Manufacturer Mfg. Code Product EDP Number Pack
T-FAL (Appliances) CB540852 THERMOSPOT GRIDDLE 8730863 1
T-FAL (Appliances) CY505E51 B/S 6QT PRESSURE COOKER 8730970 1
T-FAL (Appliances) FF230850 BLK 1.2L MINI FRYER 8731036 2
T-FAL (Appliances) FV1535U0 RED OPTI-GLIDE IRON 8730996 3
T-FAL (Appliances) FV1565U0 BLU FAST GLIDE IRON 8731002 3
T-FAL (Appliances) FV2640U0 B/S POWER GLIDE IRON 8731028 2
T-FAL (Appliances) FV4017U0 BLU ULTRA GLIDE IRON 8731010 2
T-FAL (Appliances) KI1605US RED 1.7L ELECTRIC KETTLE 8730954 3
T-FAL (Appliances) P2560732 S/S 6.3 QT PRESSURE CKR 8731044 1
T-FAL (Appliances) PF311E51 B/S GF BREAD MAKER 8730939 1


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